Always on Display AMOLED Pro Apk- Download

always on display apk download
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Always on Display or Ambient Display as MIUI Dev’s Call it, we have been waiting for Long time to get the Always on Display Function on our Xiaomi, Redmi devices. MIUI 11 Confirmed Ambient Display or Always on Display for All the Xiaomi, Redmi devices which support AMOLED Display.

Since most of the Redmi devices are not AMOLED this new comes with the disappointment to the users, even I was really sad to know that the Redmi Note 7 Pro, Redmi Note 5 Pro, none of my favourite devices will get the Always on Display.

Here is the perfect solution to get the Always on Display for any Device. Literally any Xiaomi, Redmi, Samsung or Realme. You can get the Always on Display on MIUI 10, This Always on AMOLED App helps you to get the most out of your smartphone. Really I like it using it, It is so convenient now to use the Always on Display to check time, notification etc.

Always on AMOLED | Edge Lighting 4.4.1 Apk Pro latest is a Personalization Android app

Download latest version Always on AMOLED | Edge Lighting Apk Pro For Android with direct link

Always on AMOLED | Edge Lighting is a Personalization android app made by newGen Mobile that you can install on your android devices an enjoy!

Always on Display | Edge Lighting will provide you with information about your notifications, clock, date, current weather, with edge lighting and much more right on your screen without having to touch your phone or tablet!

our AOD app is free and contains no ads. It was designed to use 0% CPU usage, and low resources while keeping your screen on to view all the important details.

Always on AMOLED Awesome Feature

• Samsung One UI always on display theme
• Auto-rotate feature
• Calendar view with events and ability to add your own notes to dates
• Root (Superuser) compatible
• Edge Lighting with custom colours and styles
• Fingerprint Dismiss
• Badge Notifications
• Off screen sketch pad which allows you to take notes or draw
• Compatible with all screen types such as amoled, edge, curved or notched displays
• Curved corners with edge corner adjustment and colour
• View notifications
• Glance Display
• Time Rules
• Clickable notifications icons with hiding and dismiss features
• Set icon size
• Over 30 clock watch faces, such as Digital S9, S10, & Note 9
• Current weather information
• Adjust screen brightness/alpha
• HD Backgrounds / Wallpaper
• launcher shortcuts such as calendar, flashlight, home button
• AOD is Fully customizable which allows you to set colours, icons, styles, font & text size
• Automatic rules which preserve battery life using predefined settings
• An auto movement which avoids AMOLED burn-in
• A pocket mode which turns off your screen when you place the device in your pocket
• The memo which lets you show sticky notes right on your display
• Particle animation
• Keep screen on, or turn the screen off with a timer or while charging/discharging
• Can be used as a night clock

❖Permissions Used❖

Camera permission
The app uses camera permission to toggle the flashlight

Phone permission
The app needs phone permission to recognize incoming calls, dismiss the app and show incoming calls.

Modify System Settings
The app needs permission to change the device brightness and set the screen timeout for the app.

** Note: For Samsung devices; If you get this message when this app activates over lock screen “Touch input is blocked”, then please go to your device Settings -> Display, and uncheck/disable/toggle off “Block accidental touches”. This will allow the app to work as intended and won’t show your bottom navigation bar or give you that warning again.

** Note: For Huawei devices, if you get the navigation buttons showing on the always-on display then please go to your device’s settings and search for access and deactivated Mistouch prevention.

** Note: For Xiaomi devices you will need to access the Security App -> Permissions -> Permissions -> AMOLED -> pop-up window permission and Show on the Lock screen.

Always on AMOLED | Edge Lighting

Always on AMOLED | Edge Lighting Pro Apk

● PRO features unlocked

What’s New:

  • supports all notch types; V, O, U and cutouts
  • Fixes, Reminder, Lighting when listening to music
  • option to light around notch only
  • new run option: Edge lighting live Wallpaper for home and lock screen
  • power button functions as usual even without root
  • App became 100% Free
  • the smoothest edge lighting in this universe and parallel universes.
  • new option: on calls..
  • ability to enable multiple run options at the same time

Download from Google Play

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