Android Pie List Confirmed for Xiaomi Smartphones

Redmi Android pie devcie list

MIUI users have been waiting for Android Pie update for a very long time after the MIUI 10 latest update it’s now time to talk about the Android Pie Update, Which of the Redmi device is going to get Android pie update in coming near future.

So let’s talk about it, Android pie is the foremost latest Android OS which you can get in any device but in MIUI the updates for Android OS is pretty slow but you can get MIUI 10 update mostly weekly on MIUI 10 beta but of course we need Android OS update like Android pie for Our Redmi devices as for the history of Redmi devices Android update goes we get only One major update in Redmi devices .

Mi device gets Two measure Android OS update so here we have shared about Redmi and as well as Mi devices which can get Android OS, Android pie update in coming future this is not a confirm list some of the devices. Some of the devices have already got Android pie update and some are in the process to get Android pie update.

List of Redmi devices for Android 9 Pie Update

Redmi 6 
Redmi 6A
Redmi 6 Pro
Redmi Y2/S2
Redmi Note 5 pro
Redmi Note 6 Pro
Poco F1

Redmi devices which will Not get Android 9 Pie Update

Redmi Note 4 
Redmi Note 3
Redmi y1
Redmi y1 lite
Redmi 4
Redmi 5
Redmi 4A
Redmi 5A
Redmi Note 5 India

Xiaomi devices to get Android Pie Update

Mi 6x
Mi 8
Mi 8 explorer
Mi 8 se
Mi Max 3
Mi Max 2
Mi Note 3
Mi pad 4

Android Pie Release Date

Android pie release date still has not been confirmed by the Company but some of the devices are in the queue to get Android pie update very soon some of the devices will get Android pie update in quarter 1 like Redmi 6 Pro, Redmi Note 6 Pro, Redmi Note 5 Pro, also known as Redmi Note 5 AI and Poco Phone F1 has already got the Android pie update with Redmi 6 Pro getting the Android pie update.

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Some of the MI devices will also get Android pie update in quarter 1, we don’t have our hopes high up for Android pie update because MIUI 10 is a very heavy skin based on Android so I don’t think there will be any major improvement or a very heavy changes if we get Android pie upgrade in any of our Xiaomi devices.

MIUI 10 already have some of the features like Android pie which are already very useful so I hope we get Android pie update in near future what do you think about Android pie update. what features do you think we will get if we get Android pie update let me know in the comment section.

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