How to book COVID vaccination Slot on WhatsApp? – Best Method

How to book COVID vaccination Slot on WhatsApp? - Best Method
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COVID vaccination Slot on WhatsApp

COVID vaccination drive is going on in full beat in India. Indian government data says the total number of shots provided is more than 500 million. In starting, the vaccination drive, the government allowed slot booking through its COWIN portal only, after sometimes the government allowed users to book vaccine slots via Paytm. Promptly, there is another app in this group WhatsApp. In the article, we will guide you on how to book a COVID vaccination slot on WhatsApp.

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Book COVID Vaccine Slot on WhatsApp

WhatsApp already lets you find the nearest vaccination center as well as, if you are already vaccinated, it also allows you to download vaccine certificates. Well, now users can also book a slot on WhatsApp using the government’s Corona helpdesk number.

Steps to book vaccine slot via WhatsApp

You can follow these steps to book a vaccine slot via WhatsApp:

1. save this number (9013151515) to your contacts and start texting or Open any browser on your phone and go to this link: Covid Helpline. When you open the link, it will take you to the WhatsApp chat with COVID Helpline chatbot.

2. On the chat screen, type “Hi” and send it. You will get a menu with several options related to Covid in reply.

3. Type “2” to book your vaccine slot and send it. Following that, you can choose the vaccine appointment once again by texting “1”.

4. Soon, You will receive an OTP on your phone number, text the OTP received and send it to the contact.

Not adding next steps images due to privacy reasons, you can do it easily by following step.

5. Now, the will verify the OTP. If you have an account on the COWIN portal with this number, you will see your details.

6. After that, Select the members registered on the COWIN portal with your mobile number.

7. Now, tap on “Search by Pin code”.

8. Following that, select which vaccine you would like to have “Covishield”, “Covaxin”, and “Sputnik”.

9. Later that, you can choose whether you want a paid vaccination or a free one.

10. Following, enter the PIN code of the area in which you’re looking for vaccinations.

11. If the selected PIN code is not available for vaccination. Try in the other nearest area, tap on “Show all centers” or “Try other Pincode”, “Try other vaccines”.

12. After that, you will see the centers where that vaccine is available, and then choose your favoured centre by sending the particular number.

13. Following, choose a date and time slot by entering the corresponding numbers.

Voila! Your favoured vaccination slot is reserved successfully. You will receive a message from the national health portal regarding this booking as confirmation. You can then go and take your vaccine on the scheduled day.

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