How to fix screen casting issues in MIUI 12 in TVs and Windows?

Screen casting issues in MIUI
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Screen casting issues in MIUI

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Most Android smartphone users use Xiaomi Smartphones, which have their own custom Android skin MIUI, while users are waiting for MIUI 12.5 to roll out globally, there are still some bugs and problems in MIUI 12. are you facing screen casting issues in MIUI?

When you are thinking to cast your smartphone to a big display for such presentation work and your smartphone having issues in casting the screen, is one of the most annoying parts especially when you are doing a professional presentation.

One main problem faced in MIUI 12 is the screen casting problem. Many users reported this problem in past MIUI versions as well.

If you’re facing this type of error, make sure to read this till the end.

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1. How to Fix screen casting issues in MIUI in TV sets

i) Restart the TV and Smartphone

In most cases, restarting the device will easily fix it. If it is not fixed by general restarting, check if your TV supports Screen Casting/Mirroring or miracast.

ii) Check your Wireless display/ cast settings.z

  • Head to the settings in your smartphone
  • Tap on connection and sharing, scroll down to wireless display settings and turn it on, if it is off
  • Then, search for devices to cast, if devices are not appearing, check your TV set settings.
  • If devices are appearing for casting but you are still unable to cast follow the below-mentioned steps

iii) Fix it via Developer settings.

When the casting problem isn’t solved by rebooting, there is one major way to solve it in MIUI by turning on Developer settings to fix it easily in a few snaps.

  • First of all, go to the device settings
  • tap on about phone
screen casting issues in MIUI
  • Tap ten times on the MIUI version to enable Developer settings
  • Now, go to the main settings page and scroll down to additional settings and tap on developer settings
screen casting issues in MIUI
  • Next, scroll down to find wireless display certification and turn it on.
  • Now, return to the main page and go to connection and sharing, scroll down to wireless display settings.
  • Now, you will see different settings present there, try changing your operating channel. 
screen casting issues in MIUI
  • Tip: Operating Channel 11 is the default pre-set for screen casting.

The previous version of MIUI 12 had the same problems, and that issue was solved with the same method click here to know more

Now, you will be able to cast your smartphone to your TV sets easily. 

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2. Fix in Windows 10

Most android users probably don’t know that they can cast their smartphones in Windows 10 even though you can control your smartphone without using any other software such as ADB drivers.

You can easily cast your smartphone to your PC using “connect application”, but sometimes, problems are occurring in casting devices.

i) Check your PC settings

  • Head to settings in your PC 
  • Go to the system settings 
  • Find projecting to this device to check if your PC supports Projecting. 
  • If its settings are turned off, make sure it is turned to available everywhere and try again, still, you are unable to cast your smartphone there might be a problem with the wireless display driver.

ii) Updating the wireless display driver

  • Go to the device manager settings
  • Then, search for network adapters 
  • In the network adapters section, double click on Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter
  • Go to the Drivers section and click on update driver, you can download the driver yourself or it will update the driver automatically on choosing respective options.
screen casting issues in MIUI
  • Now restart your PC, the issue will resolve after the restart.

If the suggested methods still have an error, try changing the operating channels of your smartphone using step (ii) as mentioned above in the Fix for TVs section.

Screen Casting Benefits

Screen casting is a boon to those people who did not like wire messy desks, using screen cast feature we can cast our display wirelessly and seamlessly without worrying about wire and cable failures, and in MIUI like android skins we can manage what to cast and hide sensitive info easily.

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