What’s new in MIUI 11! MIUI 11 Top New Features

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MIUI 11 the latest version of MIUI confirmed the Internal Testing by Xiaomi earlier this month. As per the Report, Xiaomi will also be Completely Redesigning with New Interface there will be Some of the New Features like New Icon, Global Night Mode which is already implemented in New MIUI 10 Global Beta and a lot more.

MIUI 11 interface is tested in the MIUI 10 Top Secret version. We don’t have depth information on upcoming OS so here is everything we know so far about MIUI 11.

NOTE: These details are gathered around from the MIUI China Forums, some Images are from the survey that Xiaomi is conducting in China, we can not share the Source Link.

App Drawer

Xiaomi is finally bring the Most awaited feature in MIUI 11 i.e App Drawer in MIUI launcher. The launcher is still in alfa stage and you need to tap on the middle button in the app bar to open the app drawer. This version doesn’t allow to open app drawer with swipe up. You can browse the innovations by installing the application.

MIUI 11 Release Date: MIUI 11 Supported Device List

Always on Display / Ambient Display

While some of the Xiaomi devices started getting Always-On display feature in the latest MIUI Beta version, This feature will be available to all the Xiaomi devices having AMOLED panel with MIUI 11. You can see 4 new clock style and notifications.

New Icon

Xiaomi is Testing the New Set of Icon for the MIUI 11. With MIUI 11, we already knew that the icons would be replaced. Now let’s unearth some icons. Icons are not yet approved. The MIUI team is rating and evaluating icons.

Ultimate Power Saving Mode

Ultimate Power Saving Mode MIUI product manager also revealed that MIUI 11 will also have “Ultimate Power Saving Mode”. Now, the feature seems to be the same as Google’s ‘Adaptive Battery’. The feature helps to extend battery life by limiting power usage for infrequently used applications. Mr Ming said it will change the screen in a black and white mode in order to prevent usage of more power when there is a shortage.

Some Minor Features

Like Dark Mode, Digital Wellbeing, No Ads. New Battery scanning feature, and Power saving mode.Fast charging logo is different in MIUI 11. Batch photos taken in a single photo.

The new software MIUI 11 for Xiaomi devices will be start tested in July.

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